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 OMG clan PAHI stole your rules

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PostSubject: Re: OMG clan PAHI stole your rules   Thu Mar 19, 2009 4:39 am

SenJin :

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Default Job descriptions
For my clan usage only.

Clan leader

1. Clan leader IMPOSE clan rules after clan rules were accepted by all clan members.

2.Clan leader recruit/train/prepare/keep players and make sure that they understand clan rules and clan agenda and they become and act like real clan members ( see clan member bellow)

3.Clan leader is always ready to answer at questions regarding all aspects of lineage /clan agenda/ clan members .

4. Clan leader is AlWAYS in a party .

5. Clan leader stay all time in CLAN main channel and use ONLY english or at least translate in english his discussions.

6. Clan leader is the only player in a clan that can DECIDE if a clan member is a noob or not, and all "soap opera discussions" betwen members will be solved by clan leader not by clan members.

7. And so on..y will develop.

Clan Officers.
1. A clan officer become full clan leader in his (clan leader) abssence. He is fully entitled to lead the clan if clan leader is not alone.

2. A clan officer will explain and we ll be sure clan rules will be understanded and followed by all clan members.

3. A clan officer will follow clan agenda and he will use clan resources ( time/money/materials/players) to complete clan agenda.

4. A clan officer is always in a party he cannot play alone.

5. A clan officer recruit/prepare/train/keep players in clan.

6. And so on...y ll develop..

Clan members

1. A clan member play for clan and help clan officers and clan leader in their work.

2. A clan member use all his lineage knowledges to help clan.

3. A clan member act in conformity with clan accepted rules.

and so on....

Omg CWP they mimic the SerJ nic also how lame (serJ >> senjin)
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Global Moderator
Global Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: OMG clan PAHI stole your rules   Thu Mar 19, 2009 7:41 am

CopyWrit wrote:
i wanted to join this PAHI clan i saw them in action and read their rules and it was good :
but i changed my mind when i saw they stole the rulez from you guys.

name: CopyWritePolice
class: EE79/SWS76
country: Germany
activity: ~10h/day more on weekends (played on teon)
gear: DC +som acu +tts set // talum hvy + drac focus



tomorow clan penalty off, pm me Wink
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OMG clan PAHI stole your rules
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