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 Future about new clan structure

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Future about new clan  structure Empty
PostSubject: Future about new clan structure   Future about new clan  structure I_icon_minitimeSat Jul 24, 2010 1:26 am


1. The main purpose of the clan - to receive full control over the world of Aden, improving PvP in it and the advantage of all
2. Clanleader is always right! The last and most important decision is always up to leader.
3. When some1 attack any player of the clan, he get support from members without any disscusion (attacked on one - then attacked on all!
4. Socially and online inactive clan members who play just for the fan, the defaulting statute and not reacting to the warnings, refusing to withdraw from the clan of their own will be kicked by clanleader.
5. Minimum online per day must be at least 4-5 hours, if you want to be away for a few days, you should always warn clan leader or warn on forum.
6. All the resources, recipes, keymaty throws daily in cwh or to the person announced by leader(colector)

II Structure of working:


1 Each member of the clan must pass the tax. From the following items tax exempt profession - payment for change class specially for sorcers/sh and etc support needed on epics like aq/orfen/zaken

2. Taxes will be colected once in a week

3. Tax Total: all in the beginning will give 1kk/week

4. The tax will go for the purchase of resources(on crafting items in case of missing gem's/cry's/equipment of sorcers and sh's for epics like aq/orfen/zaken), as well as to pay for CH .

5. Not contributing a tax within 4 weeks (without a good reason at) leads to the exclusion from the clan.

Recruitment in clan:1. The new member wwill be ,,adopted" in the clan for a test period during 3 weeks.

1.1. During the test period, the new member will not get anything from the clan (there are exceptions).

1.2. The new member, like everyone else is obliged to pay taxes on an equal basis like any member of clan.

Equipment: 1.In clan there is a turn regarding crafting items ,turn decided by clan leader

1.2. Clan will full dress the clan members according the turn decided by clan leader in accordance with his profession (making your self items is welcome to, less headshake for CL).

III. The responsibilities :

1. Follow clan rules/obligations

2. Timely delivery of the tax.

2.1. Tax collects person appointed by CL (only the first month)

2.2 Resources, recipes and collects keymaty person appointed by Co-leader pr leader himself

2.3 Items won by players outside clan trips, are their property. Players are entitled to dispose of them at its discretion. Before the sale is highly desirable to ask if she or someone from clan members areinterested in that deal/purchase.
2.4 Items crafted by clan/50% or more with the help of the clan, are the property of the clan and must be returned to the clan in case of withdraw.

3. Normal activity dailly and cooperation with clan members
3.1 To not forget to put resources in cwh or to person appointed by CL
4.To give all possible assistance in the battle to other members of the clan.
5.Pre-report possible long absence.
5.1 If there is no access to Internet- through friends (uninformed abbsence will be folllowed by dissmising from clan)
6.Using bugs, third-part programs, bots, 2x, 3x, etc. windows - ONLY at your own risk! Clan DON'T TAKE RESPONSABILITY FOR Ban!

This will be rules applyed on the re-opening of the clan ,starting from first day.
This rules will not be re-considered by any of clan members and for sure not changed,if you not agree with them here is not your place to play in this clan.

This thread is only to inform everybody about new rules so i will close it coz i don't want anybody to mess it.
For talk use following thread with your ideas/opinions/thoughts :

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Future about new clan structure
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