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 Interested in playing with your crew.

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PostSubject: Interested in playing with your crew.   Wed Oct 06, 2010 5:33 pm

Nick/lvl/class: Ryoden/58/Gladiator (mind you i lvl with a bd/sws/pp which are all my chars strung from labtop etc.) they are all similair gear/lvl

- Age?: 20 years old

- Country/Time: Canada EST

- Can u play on sieges? ofc, i live for them

- How many hours do you play per day and week? varies on howmany hours of class i have. but i play everyday for atleast 3 hrs sometimes 5 hrs.

- Has anyone currently in BloodBalance recommended you for the clan? Who? unfortunately no, I haven't had a chance to meet anyone from BB yet, But i greatly look forward to playing with you if im accepted.

- What other clans/allies/server's have you played in? I've played in many many servers, though mainly highrates, tehgamers,l2x,l2r,l2survival,l2nova,l2max,l2mayhem,l2vendetta, etc etc. list goes on. I've played with some clans such as B2B,EvilCouncil,jghphhhf and more not worth mentioning.

- What do u expect of our clan? I Only expect to be treated with respect and and to have some new friends to play with, i came to this server solo for the reason that i usually don't play lowrates and i know this particular server is going to go far and have a long life with a big community.
- Whats your gear/equipment ? atm all my characters are in c grade/bgrade common gears. im familiar with spoiling etc and making money is no problem for me. im just a noob when it comes to crafting, which i hope i can be educated on upon entrance to bb.

- Have you read the clan rules and FULLY agree to ALL of them? yes of course, i will comply with anything.

- How can we contact you out of L2?(e-mail, etc...) is my msn/email info

-Describe your playstile.
My play style is pretty hype, i've played this game long enough to be able to play any class like ive been playing it for years. it comes natural too me and pvp is my passion. however being a lowrate noob how to get to the end game stage is a little more difficult =)
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PostSubject: Re: Interested in playing with your crew.   Wed Oct 06, 2010 6:03 pm

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Interested in playing with your crew.
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