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 Little guide how to get money for 2-d class on

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PostSubject: Little guide how to get money for 2-d class on   Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:27 am

create 2 accounts , create 1 ee on each of accounts( that mean 2 EE) make lvl 6 then xp them in party till lvl 18, when u have lvl 18 and 0 % or w/e% u go gludio church and take quest

when u finish quest u get arround 413 adena + adena from farm lets say 500k/1char , u dont need to buy armor or weapon for ee,u can xp untill lvl 18 only with newbie spirithots and 130 bss-no grade from grocery and u will save lot of money.
After u made 2 times like this ,i mean 4 ee= 2kk adena ,u can start play on main char and pay 3kk adena for the 2-d class quest ,at lvl 40 u have quest from Head BlackSmith Giran npc Kusto, it's 3-4 quests in total= arround 1-1,5kk adena ,quest takes 30-40 mins all quests from kusto etc.

This is a little guide to not waste ur time make sh1ty marks and spend 6-7 hours making 2-d class quests getting pk'ed and wasting nerves Wink
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Little guide how to get money for 2-d class on
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