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 Recruitment and Rules

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PostSubject: Recruitment and Rules   Thu Jul 10, 2008 7:33 am

[b]Hi, if you are reading this is because you probably want to join BloodBalance clan.
If you want to join our clan u must 1st read the clan rules. If you leave your application u are declaring that you have read and FULLY agree to them all.

In order to apply please make new thread in this forum answering these questions. You need to register an account.

- Nick/lvl/class

- Age?

- Country/Time zome

- Can u play on sieges?

- How many hours do you play per day and week?

- Has anyone currently in BloodBalance recommended you for the clan? Who?

- What other clans/allies/server's have you played in?

- What do u expect of our clan?

- Whats your gear?

- Have you read the clan rules and FULLY agree to ALL of them?

- How can we contact you out of L2?(e-mail, etc...)

-Describe your playstile.


Clan Leading system

Leader name: SerJr
Co-Leader name: 1,Abramburel,Darsh,Forge,Aquarium

Clan Rules
Joining the clan and staying in it means complete acceptance of the clan rules. If you have any suggestion about them, feel free to give your opinion and it will be discussed. Still, suggesting a change isn't excuse for not respecting the rules.

Rules concerning the forum:

You have to check the forum every 24H. Clan actions/commands can be posted in forum and after 24H it's considered that all members have knowledge of them.
Penalty if infringed: same penalty as infringing the command ignored.
Exceptions: if you don't log into the game for 24H this won't count, also if you are in a declared afk (yet we will assume that you read the forum before you login again).
Any kind of spam.
Penalty if infringed: a forum ban of 15 minutes for every letter in the spam post, the post will also be deleted.

Rules concerning PVP/SIEGE/RAID

Ignoring a command given by your party/clan leader
Penalty if infringed: Immediate Clan kick
Exceptions: NONE!
Hitting a clan/ally member or any other friendly char with kill intention
Penalty if infringed: immediate clan kick
Exceptions: NONE!

Rules concerning ventrilo:

You must ALWAYS be in ventrilo while on siege and raids and it is recomended that you are in vent in big pvps too. Commands can be given in vent the same as in clan/ally chat, it is supossed that everyone is on vent and knows the commands.
Penalty if infringed: same penalty as infringing the command ignored.
Exceptions: If you're not in vent (mic problem, late at night, whatever) in rb or sieges, ask for someone to tell you what's going on in vent and the orders given. Not being in vent is not an excuse to ignore a command.
English in BB channel.
Penalty if infringed: no penalty so far, it's just a matter of respect. If this happens repeated times, there'll probably will be.
Exception: no english speaking is on vent. But as soon as someone logs in, go back to english.

Rules concerning clan politics:

Flames inside clan will not be tolerated. Any kind of flame, bad language acusations, insinuations or whatever used in any way against a clan member will be punished. Penalty if infringed: 1st time: warning. 2nd time: inmediate clan kick.
Exception: NONE! Respect your clanmates.
I think I don't have to write anything about scaming, stealing or whatever thing of that sort inside/outside the clan.
Still, the penalty for it is inmediate clan kick + KoS.

Rules concerning Parties:

Going in a party where enemies are it's forbidden . Penalty : Clan Kick.
Exceptions: NONE
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Recruitment and Rules
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